Saturday, September 26, 2009

ROE Park

We went to the play ground at River Oaks Elementary this morning.
Playing a little basketball...
Silly daddy.
I thought this was cute.
Brady was quite apprehensive about crossing this bridge,
but he was really proud of himself when he got to the other side.
I think this is the first time I've seen Brady make this funny face; he was walking underneath some of the playground equipment.

Eat, Sleep, Clean, Cry, Repeat

This picture was taken Saturday morning as Brady played with his favorite elephant.
Not only does Brady carry a regular toothbrush around all the time, he actually likes using this electric toothbrush (despite the concerned face).
Somebody likes to be held all morning long. This wasn't one of those moments.
Brady eating yogurt with his fingers.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Shhh... girls!

These are really unrelated photos, but taken on the same weekend. I was shushing (sp?) the dogs one day, and Brady put his finger over his mouth and said, "shhh." I thought it was so cute, I tried for a long time to get a photo of it. His little finger only touches his lips for a second, so it was a hard shot to get.
I can't believe how big baby Addison is getting. I hope her parents don't think it's too strange that I take pictures of our little ones every time they get together. They're so cute! Note that Brady still holding on to his toothbrush.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Becky!

For Becky's birthday, we met at Papa's for lunch. Becky's also letting us use Luke's Halloween costume from last year (sneak peak included below).

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lovely Labor Day Luncheon

We went to Grammy and Pappaw's for lunch on Labor Day. Grammy Pammy made her ever popular banana cake, and she made Brady a cake of his very own.
Brady was pretty messy after his cake, so we took him outside to play with the dogs and hose off.
Brady did a lot of walking around and playing on the piano, but we left around 2:00pm so Brady could take his afternoon nap (which is usually 11:30am - 1:30pm). We got a few cute family pictures. I think it's funny that Brady's still holding on to his trusty toothbrush.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Aggies BTHO New Mexico

Brady looked pretty darn cute in his little Aggie gear Saturday. Grammy Pammy and Pappaw came over for lunch and to babysit for the afternoon while Taylor and I went shopping.

Take Hairdryer for a Walk

Brady has a lot of toys, but he loves to play with normal household items. He carries a toothbrush around most of the time. When we're upstairs, he walks his hairdryer back and forth.
In the middle picture, you can see where the carpet is torn up. For 2 days in a row, Bailey decided to unravel our woven siesel carpet. On the third day, Bailey stayed in his brand new crate while we went to work.

They don't need us anymore

Bailey has always loved to be chased. We used to hold Brady's hands and swing him around, to chase Bailey. It's cute to see them playing without assistance, but it's sad to see Brady's growing independence.

Dogs, Forks and Dining

Brady used a spoon for the first time on his birthday cake. Forks seem to be easier to catch food with, though we're still in the early stages of the learning process. Bailey still partakes in the eating ritual with us.