Saturday, November 17, 2012

Busy Week

We celebrated Luke's birthday today.  The kids really enjoyed the piñata. 

 Anna Belle ate one piece of candy after another.  Fortunately, her eagerness to devour every piece prevented her from finishing any of the pieces.
 Is there anything in the world cuter than seeing your kids love one another?

 Anna Belle was a little bit afraid when people were swinging the bat at the piñata.  She was soothed when Brady held her hand.
 Luke also had a huge inflatable slide.  The kids really loved it.

My friend Melissa just released her first children's picture book called "Little Miss Molly."  There was a release party in Uptown Park at Carrie Ann's.  Carrie graduated with Melissa and me.  Kelly (in the center of the photo) illustrated the book.

 My church friend, Amanda, is relatively new to Houston.  On Friday we took a little tour inside the loop and then had lunch at Mission Burrito.  The kids enjoyed having the playground to themselves for a little over an hour.

 Similar to my children, Jackson has a lot to say and talked right through my photo snapping.

 After a full month, I finally got my Tiffany's necklace back.  I had a few links added and my monogram on the back of the heart.  I love it , and I've been wearing it almost every day : )

 Melanie and baby Andrew visited us on Wednesday.  Anna Belle loves babies and loved playing with Andrew.  In the photo below you can see them gazing at one another while Anna Belle pats his head.  After I read bedtime stories to Anna Belle, she tells me about a few of her favorite things.  She's added baby Andrew to her list... so sweet.
 Sweet smiles

Monday, November 12, 2012

Better Blogging

I have been LOVING my life as a stay at home mama, but I've been bad about taking time to snap pictures and document all these precious moments.  This weekend was quite busy (the only way to start a busy week is with a busy weekend, right?).  One of Taylor's clients, TMD Temporaries, hosts an annual picnic.  They are absolutely amazing people and have a huge team of people that seem just as happy as their sweet families.  The kids had their faces painted for the first time, which they both loved.
Brady patiently waiting at the face painting table.  His eyes still just melt my heart.
 I held up a mirror for Anna Belle to watch the face painter paint this cute little heart design on her face.  She already loves her weekly stamps from gymnastics (the starts on her hands), but this was really a treat.
Messy hair in the bounce house...

This is just an every day moment.  Anna Belle wants to buckle the top clasp of her car seat on her own, and she loves to snap her highchair together by herself.  
 I sometimes say that I want to go on a Safari where I shoot animals with my Canon.  For now, I'll just hunt my child and shoot HIM with my Canon.  THis is absolutely the easiest way for me to snap smiles of my little guy.  He has the sweetest and most infectious laugh that I've ever heard.
 With the wedding at our home last week, I totally forgot about gymnastics.  This week, I was ready to get back in the game.  I remembered the coaches sending us home with little slips of paper reminding us to dress up the kids up in their Halloween costumes and bring candy.  I was SO prepared, and then realized I missed the Halloween week...  I was quite embarrassed, but Anna Belle didn't mind.  However, she did mind when I stepped 6 feet away to grab my camera.  Here's my teary eyed little lady bug.
 Angelic little face...

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Marriage... What bwings us togetha

It's been a crazy week to say the least.  I left the kids with Casey twice this week (the first times for me to leave the kids with a non-family member).  I had a doctor's appointment the first time and then Taylor and I attended a fundraising luncheon for the MSC (which is the organization where we met, at A&M).  I spent a lot of time making a beautiful "Congratulations, Richard and Casey" sign, which I was eager to hang Saturday morning.  I proceeded to set the tables with freshly pressed linens, china, crystal, silver, etc., and then the rain came.  I wasn't worried about a little sprinkle, after all, we had umbrellas.  The little rain turned into strong winds and torrential downpour while I was bathing the kids (a few hours before the wedding).  Taylor was holding onto the umbrella, so the whole table wouldn't blow away.  Amazingly, we didn't break anything.  We only had a few hours to wash and press all the linens (again) and wash all the dishes, glasses and silver (again).  After that bout of excitement, the wedding and reception turned out really beautiful (minus the banner which was tattered for the duration of the wedding).  

A few weeks ago, my neighbor (who I still think of as a 4 year old) got married.  Here's a picture of my sweet sister and me prior to the wedding.