Monday, November 12, 2012

Better Blogging

I have been LOVING my life as a stay at home mama, but I've been bad about taking time to snap pictures and document all these precious moments.  This weekend was quite busy (the only way to start a busy week is with a busy weekend, right?).  One of Taylor's clients, TMD Temporaries, hosts an annual picnic.  They are absolutely amazing people and have a huge team of people that seem just as happy as their sweet families.  The kids had their faces painted for the first time, which they both loved.
Brady patiently waiting at the face painting table.  His eyes still just melt my heart.
 I held up a mirror for Anna Belle to watch the face painter paint this cute little heart design on her face.  She already loves her weekly stamps from gymnastics (the starts on her hands), but this was really a treat.
Messy hair in the bounce house...

This is just an every day moment.  Anna Belle wants to buckle the top clasp of her car seat on her own, and she loves to snap her highchair together by herself.  
 I sometimes say that I want to go on a Safari where I shoot animals with my Canon.  For now, I'll just hunt my child and shoot HIM with my Canon.  THis is absolutely the easiest way for me to snap smiles of my little guy.  He has the sweetest and most infectious laugh that I've ever heard.
 With the wedding at our home last week, I totally forgot about gymnastics.  This week, I was ready to get back in the game.  I remembered the coaches sending us home with little slips of paper reminding us to dress up the kids up in their Halloween costumes and bring candy.  I was SO prepared, and then realized I missed the Halloween week...  I was quite embarrassed, but Anna Belle didn't mind.  However, she did mind when I stepped 6 feet away to grab my camera.  Here's my teary eyed little lady bug.
 Angelic little face...

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