Sunday, November 4, 2012

Marriage... What bwings us togetha

It's been a crazy week to say the least.  I left the kids with Casey twice this week (the first times for me to leave the kids with a non-family member).  I had a doctor's appointment the first time and then Taylor and I attended a fundraising luncheon for the MSC (which is the organization where we met, at A&M).  I spent a lot of time making a beautiful "Congratulations, Richard and Casey" sign, which I was eager to hang Saturday morning.  I proceeded to set the tables with freshly pressed linens, china, crystal, silver, etc., and then the rain came.  I wasn't worried about a little sprinkle, after all, we had umbrellas.  The little rain turned into strong winds and torrential downpour while I was bathing the kids (a few hours before the wedding).  Taylor was holding onto the umbrella, so the whole table wouldn't blow away.  Amazingly, we didn't break anything.  We only had a few hours to wash and press all the linens (again) and wash all the dishes, glasses and silver (again).  After that bout of excitement, the wedding and reception turned out really beautiful (minus the banner which was tattered for the duration of the wedding).  

A few weeks ago, my neighbor (who I still think of as a 4 year old) got married.  Here's a picture of my sweet sister and me prior to the wedding.

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