Sunday, May 30, 2010

Coming Home

I'm trying to do a better job of capturing every day moments. After picking Brady up from his class, I buckle him in and give him a piece of bread. We talk on the way home, which mostly consists of his ABC's and 123's. When we get home, he likes to play in the driver's seat. We're so lucky to have these precious little moments every day.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Following Up

It's strange to me how it was so nice out in Copperfield, while the Galleria area had such a major storm. Here's a tree that fell down, on the street we live on.
Here's our street with all the branches and limbs.
After gymnastics and lunch at Papa's, we picked up the Dach's to go visit Thomas and Megan's new little baby girl, Kylie Wetterauer. She was so sweet and tiny; she was only about 12 hours old when we saw her.
Every time Brady goes to Kevin and Melanie's, he plays with this broom.
I'm really impressed that Kevin's building their kitchen cabinets, so I wanted to get a picture of his progress.
This is the cracked cooling tower motor, which shut down our air conditioning.
They needed this crane to lift the 400 lb motor to the top of the cooling tower. We were really fortunate that there was a motor "on the shelf" and that we could schedule the crane on such short notice. We are VERY pumped and excited to say that we now have air conditioning.

Houston, we have a problem

I'm getting frustrated with my camera. On a few occasions its stopped working completely. With the kitchen sink photos and the photos last night, I got a lot of blurry shots. I only post the best ones, but if you view those as full size images you can see how much trouble I'm having.
Aunt Julie is in town from Bloomington, IL, so we all hung out at Papa's last night and ate pizza. Luke, Brady and Aunt Megan had fun playing with the watering can.

Around 9:00pm, we headed back home. After playing outside with no rain in Copperfield, we were surprised to find tree branches and isolated flooding around our townhouse. Half of our complex was without power, including our shared air conditioning system.

We have a slightly crazy, very talkative, insomniac neighbor who woke us up around midnight to give us an update. I was so grateful that Taylor handled it and kindly asked for him to not give us any more updates. Oh the joys of community living.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Mommy's Helper

When Taylor works late, Brady gets lonely while I prepare dinner. To remedy this, Brady plays in the kitchen while I cook. He spins the salad spinner and plays in the water. He also likes to eat whatever fruit or vegetable I'm chopping up. I'm trying to get more pictures that capture every day moments.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gymnastics Play, Patio Play, and the ABC's

Yesterday we went to our first gymnastics class at Cypress Academy with Becky and Luke.
Miss Brittany was our teacher. In high school, I cheered with Brittany's sister Angie. It's such a small world. Brady did pretty well for his first class. He would cry if he thought I was handing him off to a teacher (he thought I would leave him). He was also really eager to play in the pit, so he wasn't always engaged in circle time. I have a feeling he'll improve a little bit each week.
Brady looks so grown up when he waters the patio.
Brady's getting a lot better at his ABC's. He's counting to 10 really well now, and feels that every good accomplishment (like finishing your ABC's) should finish with an enthusiastic, "TEN!"

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Bon Appetite?

My herbologist / acupuncturist recommended that I avoid cold and raw foods. This led me to start trying new healthy recipes. This yummy stir fry turned out great. It made 3 - 4 servings and tasted delicious. Tonight I tried and rice and lentil dish, and it wasn't so good. I think Brady disagreed with me. He won't touch the stir fry, but he loved the rice and beans.
Brady is starting to pose for pictures periodically. This funny picture makes my bad dinner night a little better.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2010

Megan graduated from A&M yesterday, with a degree in elementary education. It's hard to believe my baby sister's growing up. Congratulations Megan! This is quite an accomplishment!
Brady thinks it's hilarious when I say, "Hey Bubba!" I used it to my advantage in this photo.
My little acrobat.
I included this pic because I like Luke's smile in the back.
Mmmm... Oreos
Oreo beard
The Bowers brought a fun blow up pool, but Brady wasn't keen on the idea. I have a feeling this won't be the last time I get this face.
Pappaw gets himself a root beer as Brady watches carefully.
Brady kisses Sara good bye after babysitting last night.

Congrats to the Bride and Groom

Mr. and Mrs. Brett Steven Livingston
The sign in book and programs
The doors to the church had these beautiful wreaths. "A" for Allison and "B" for Brett.
Jeffrey, Phillip, Brady and Taylor.
Brady and I waiting with Ann for the wedding to start.
Brady came to take pictures before the wedding, but went home before the wedding started. We were delighted that Sara could babysit for us.
The bride and groom walking down the aisle after the ceremony.
Sweet little Aurora hugging Taylor's dad.
I didn't take many pictures at the reception, but here are a few...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Brett and Allison's Rehearsal

We're hoping those ominous clouds don't rain on the wedding tonight.
Taylor's mom did the needlepoint for these wedding kneelers. Brett and Allison will be the first couple to use them at the church.
Father and daughter walking down the aisle.
The bridesmaids (minus Ann).
The bride and groom.
The Livingstons hosted the rehearsal dinner at Armadillo Palace (with the fabulous Goode Company BBQ). I was the photographer for the night, so I took a lot of pictures. The food was wonderful and I think a "Goode" time was had by all.
Allison and Brett with Brett's sister Tory and her husband Nick. Nick and Tory are expecting a baby in September.
Brett and Allison with her parents.
David, Jeff (I think that's Ann's boyfriend's name), Ann, and Brett's dad Steve.
Allison with almost all of her brothers (we couldn't find Phillip for the picture).
Father Bruce and Deacon Burnett.
Father Bruce's twin brother, Father David and Taylor's brother David. David is a meteorologist and Lt. Colonel in the Air Force. We're so happy that he came in from Washington D.C. for the wedding.
Grandpa Jim and Grandma Joye.
Brady enjoyed the animal heads on the wall, the big faux cow and playing with the table decorations. He was exhausted after the long night, and slept in a few extra hours in the morning.