Saturday, May 1, 2010

Wood Floor Week

We got wood floors installed this week! We've wanted them for quite awhile, but finally took the plunge. To prep, we had to move almost everything downstairs (except our bed and Brady's crib). I thought that would be the hard part, but cleaning up and putting everything back together was much harder.
On the bottom of the picture you can see the sisal carpet we left on our stairs. We used to have sisal all upstairs (wall to wall). We debated on how to handle the stairs. I like walking on something with a little traction and cushion, so I wanted wood floors with a runner. We found out that the runner we wanted was an extra $1200, and installing wood steps and a new banister would double the cost of our entire project. We decided to leave the sisal for now. At least the carpet on the stairs isn't dog stained like the old bedroom carpet. Taylor also had to paint the top riser and install a little trim piece on the bottom.
Taylor and I really like that our closets have these built in shelves / dressers. These became a bit of a challenge because the flooring goes underneath them. Taylor didn't have much trouble disassembling them, but reinstallation was a bit harder.
Taylor's really done a great job on all of these projects. I wanted to double the depth of Brady's linen closet shelves, so Taylor had wood cut at Home Depot and painted the shelves for me. His linen closet doubles as storage for his baby swing, baby bath tub, and other little baby stuff. Hopefully we'll have an excuse to pull it out again soon.
I spent most of the day purging trash, organizing, watching Brady and cleaning up saw dust.
Taylor and I are both terribly exhausted from this project, but we're really happy with how it all turned out. Brady seems to like the wood floors too. He's spent a lot more time playing in his room. He's big enough to crawl up onto the chair and his bed now; I can't believe how quickly he's growing up!

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