Saturday, May 15, 2010

Brett and Allison's Rehearsal

We're hoping those ominous clouds don't rain on the wedding tonight.
Taylor's mom did the needlepoint for these wedding kneelers. Brett and Allison will be the first couple to use them at the church.
Father and daughter walking down the aisle.
The bridesmaids (minus Ann).
The bride and groom.
The Livingstons hosted the rehearsal dinner at Armadillo Palace (with the fabulous Goode Company BBQ). I was the photographer for the night, so I took a lot of pictures. The food was wonderful and I think a "Goode" time was had by all.
Allison and Brett with Brett's sister Tory and her husband Nick. Nick and Tory are expecting a baby in September.
Brett and Allison with her parents.
David, Jeff (I think that's Ann's boyfriend's name), Ann, and Brett's dad Steve.
Allison with almost all of her brothers (we couldn't find Phillip for the picture).
Father Bruce and Deacon Burnett.
Father Bruce's twin brother, Father David and Taylor's brother David. David is a meteorologist and Lt. Colonel in the Air Force. We're so happy that he came in from Washington D.C. for the wedding.
Grandpa Jim and Grandma Joye.
Brady enjoyed the animal heads on the wall, the big faux cow and playing with the table decorations. He was exhausted after the long night, and slept in a few extra hours in the morning.

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