Saturday, May 29, 2010

Following Up

It's strange to me how it was so nice out in Copperfield, while the Galleria area had such a major storm. Here's a tree that fell down, on the street we live on.
Here's our street with all the branches and limbs.
After gymnastics and lunch at Papa's, we picked up the Dach's to go visit Thomas and Megan's new little baby girl, Kylie Wetterauer. She was so sweet and tiny; she was only about 12 hours old when we saw her.
Every time Brady goes to Kevin and Melanie's, he plays with this broom.
I'm really impressed that Kevin's building their kitchen cabinets, so I wanted to get a picture of his progress.
This is the cracked cooling tower motor, which shut down our air conditioning.
They needed this crane to lift the 400 lb motor to the top of the cooling tower. We were really fortunate that there was a motor "on the shelf" and that we could schedule the crane on such short notice. We are VERY pumped and excited to say that we now have air conditioning.

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