Thursday, May 6, 2010

Daisy's New Do

Daisy went to the groomer yesterday. I thought she looked so cute that it was deserving of a picture. Brady wanted to join her, and I'm so glad he did. Look at these sweet photos:
Pucker up!
We know what you just did.
I've become quite a fan of the Bragg line of products and thinking. I started out by getting their apple cider vinegar (ACV) and Liquid Amino's (salt alternative / soy sauce). I'm finally starting to try some of their recipes; I made the "Healthy Salad" for lunch today. (Here's the link:

I was inspired by this recipe because it included so many vegetables that I never buy or eat (red cabbage, green cabbage, turnips, beets, alfalfa sprouts). I served it with a dressing made from flax seed oil, ACV and a little OJ. Mmm, mm good. I'm so used to salty, sweet and savory (aka fatty); it was an interesting to enjoy the varied flavors of the earth.

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