Saturday, May 29, 2010

Houston, we have a problem

I'm getting frustrated with my camera. On a few occasions its stopped working completely. With the kitchen sink photos and the photos last night, I got a lot of blurry shots. I only post the best ones, but if you view those as full size images you can see how much trouble I'm having.
Aunt Julie is in town from Bloomington, IL, so we all hung out at Papa's last night and ate pizza. Luke, Brady and Aunt Megan had fun playing with the watering can.

Around 9:00pm, we headed back home. After playing outside with no rain in Copperfield, we were surprised to find tree branches and isolated flooding around our townhouse. Half of our complex was without power, including our shared air conditioning system.

We have a slightly crazy, very talkative, insomniac neighbor who woke us up around midnight to give us an update. I was so grateful that Taylor handled it and kindly asked for him to not give us any more updates. Oh the joys of community living.

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