Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gymnastics Play, Patio Play, and the ABC's

Yesterday we went to our first gymnastics class at Cypress Academy with Becky and Luke.
Miss Brittany was our teacher. In high school, I cheered with Brittany's sister Angie. It's such a small world. Brady did pretty well for his first class. He would cry if he thought I was handing him off to a teacher (he thought I would leave him). He was also really eager to play in the pit, so he wasn't always engaged in circle time. I have a feeling he'll improve a little bit each week.
Brady looks so grown up when he waters the patio.
Brady's getting a lot better at his ABC's. He's counting to 10 really well now, and feels that every good accomplishment (like finishing your ABC's) should finish with an enthusiastic, "TEN!"

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