Saturday, October 25, 2008

First Fall Photo

To celebrate the cool temperatures, mom wanted to dress up Brady and snap some fall photos. Dad designed the set and Aunt Becky provided the outfit. After many smiles and laughs we picked out our favorite and wanted to share it with you.


Joanne said...

Aunt Jo-jo's baby boy is the cuties little boy ever. I miss you soooooo much! Try not to grow up to fast. I hope you have a fun first Halloween. I love you little man ...hugs and kisses from Tennesse.

Cristina said...

Hello, i am Cristina from Romania.You don't know me.I'm a friend of Mark's. I asked him politely to tell me a little bit about his handsome grandson and he was kind to give me this link. So, allow me to express a comment , too: Brady will definitely be popular during HighSchool period , and not only, and it seems that his parents will have to sort out many girls who will "pop up" at his door, just to see those bright eyes and cute smile and , of course, to get help from him, for the Geometry homework. Thank you:)