Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sick Day

For the past few mornings, Brady's woken up a little out of breath. He didn't seem sick; I just assumed he had been jumping up and down for awhile before he woke me up. This morning, Brady definitely seemed sick. He was congested and breathing heavily. He had a barking sort of cough, which made him cry with each cough. I took him downstairs. He has never liked his nebulizer treatments, but he was very patient this time. When the first does ran out, he whimpered and continued holding it to his face. After the second dose, he wasn't coughing much, but his breathing still seemed fast and congested. We called his doctor's office (at 5:30am) and they recommended we take him to the emergency room. The ER at Texas Children's was awesome. We were in and out within an hour. It turns out Brady has croup. They gave him a dose of a steroid and sent us home. Brady seems much better as the day wears on. I think the mornings are just his sickest time of the day.

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