Sunday, December 20, 2009

Patio Play

Taylor and I spent some energy cleaning the patio this weekend. We generally don't let Brady play on the patio for 2 reasons. (1) The dogs tend to potty on the patio. (2) Brady wants to play in the fountain which usually has moldy bricks in front of it, which is very slippery. I scrubbed the mold, cleaned the dog mess and hosed off the patio. Taylor went to the very tedious task of cleaning the fountain. He put a little bleach, which is the reason for the fountain bubbles. It's hard to get the bleach quantity just right.
Brady is certainly all boy. He grabbed the hose to try to fill the fountain, as he frequently sees us do through the french doors. He hiked around the mulched areas which have a slight slope. He slid on the wet mulch and landed on his diaper several times. Once he got a face full of mulch, but it didn't phase him. We also played with the new bubble machine. Playing with bubbles is so much easier (for us) when we just plug in the machine.

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