Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bon Voyage

Grammy, Aunt Megan, Sara, Brady and I spent spring break on Royal Caribbean's Voyager of the Seas. Grammy (and Pappaw) - thank you SO much for taking us!!! The photo below was taken during our pre-departure safety drill.
Aunt Megan played "Flying Baby" with Brady when we got to the room.
Sara let Brady play with her sunglasses.
At our buffet lunch, I put this apple on the plate and Brady picked it up and started chomping down before we could get back to the table and cut it into slices. I think he ate 2 full apples for lunch.
On Monday night, we had our first formal night. His cute little outfit made him quite popular on the ship. On the last full day at sea, a teenage girl I had never seen pointed Brady out to her boyfriend to tell him that this was the cutest little boy who wore the suit for dinner. His cuteness really was quite legendary.
Sara and Megan looked pretty cute too.
The 14th floor had a program called Royal Tots, where the kids play with Fisher Price toys and get little give aways (Fisher Price bath toys, crayons, balloons, etc.). Brady loved to run onto open elevators, which would be the fastest way for him to get lost. Royal Tots was a great time for us to sit back and just watch Brady play in a safe and well enclosed environment.
Our first excursion was in Cozumel, Mexico. We arrived a few hours early, so we got to swim in this beautiful lagoon.
Brady spent quite a bit of time playing in this patio fountain; he kept screaming for joy.
I had hoped that Brady could swim with dolphins and manatees, but the facility said he could only swim with the dolphins. We were in a group of 8; it was really great to have so much interaction with the dolphin. Brady probably got to pet the dolphin about a dozen times. He kept yelling, "whoa!" and "ooooh". It was pretty cute.
We spent the next day in Grand Cayman's Turtle Farm. Brady slept through the initial tour.
After lunch, Brady woke up from his nap and we went back to hold and pet the turtles. We both had to wear green for St. Patrick's Day. Grammy called me Dora all week, because I was always wearing Brady's little backpack.
Our bus made a short stop at Hell, which was a small area behind a little hut on Grand Cayman Island. Grammy, Brady and I stayed in the bus while Sara and Megan checked out the scenery.
We spent Thursday at Margarittaville on Negril Beach in Jamaica. The beach was really stunning and Brady really enjoyed jumping in the waves with me. After a few days of sunburns, I was REALLY grateful that Grammy rented this big cabana for our 3 hour stay at Negril beach. The outdoor couches were really comfy and the light breeze made it perfectly comfortable.
After our 3 days of excursions, I was grateful to have 2 full days of just cruising. It was like having a vacation after your vacation, so that you come home feeling well rested. I kind of slacked off on the photo snapping.
Every night, between courses, Brady would want to run back and forth along the windows. A very sweet girl named Daniella played with Brady a lot; Brady was quite fond of her.
Brady and I shared a room with Sara. I was really grateful for all of her help with entertaining Brady. She was even really gracious when Brady woke up crying in the middle of the night, and I let him come to bed with us (he tosses and turns a lot). Thank you Sara!
When Brady and I showered, he would look up at me to sign and say, "Daddy". It was a fun vacation, but we were both very happy to be reunited today.

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