Monday, November 29, 2010


Brady's Thanksgiving costume... He's a Native American brave : ) Can I say Indian?
The annual ginger bread house making.
A man I work with lost his three year old grandson the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. It devastates me, but it makes me appreciate how blessed we are. It also reminds me that I need to write down all the sweet things my son says and all the little things I love and am thankful for.

Every morning I wake up to Brady saying, "Good morning to you!" with his voice inflection like a question. After his bath, he crawls back in bed to spend some time with his soothies. If we catch him, he gives a hearty laugh because he knows he's only supposed to have his soothies at nigh-night time.

When I pick Brady up from school every afternoon, he doesn't say a peep until we get to the car. He climbs into the back seat by himself, stands on the seat and gives me a big hug with a good little squeeze. I laugh with glee every time, so now he gives me tons of hugs one right after the other. He throws his head into my shoulder really hard, so I have to be sure to turn my head far away to prevent our big heads from clunking.

Brady recites all of his rules on the car ride home. "No crying at gymnastics", "Don't hit, don't kick, don't bite", "Don't kick Daisy, it's not funny". He also recites all the planes, trains and automobiles he sees (including Metro bus, school bus and helicopters). I keep asking Brady what he wants for Christmas; I'm trying to get him to say he wants a train set. Every time I ask him what he wants, he tells me he wants a Christmas Tree (which has been up for 2 weeks already).

If I'm upstairs and Brady's downstairs, Brady yells upstairs, "Michelle"! I guess Taylor and I don't call one another Mommy and Daddy when we holler from afar.

When we go out, Brady usually wants lemonade, pronounced "lellobade". He says "mmm" after each sip : ) We worked on saying lemon today. When he takes a drink he holds it in his mouth and moves his jaw back and forth. I mirror him and we both giggle. This game can last through a whole meal at home.

We also have a few regulars at the grocery store. The produce section is Brady's food paradise. He begs for almost every fruit he sees, and he can usually polish off an apple or a box of berries before we reach the check out counter.

When Brady's ready for bed, he looks up at me with those sweet innocent brown eyes and asks, "Nigh-night time?" I ask him if he's ready to go nigh-night and he exclaims, "okay!" He holds my hand and leads me upstairs.

I know these are small things, but they're a few of the daily little moments that warm my heart and make me so happy to be a mommy. God has truly blessed our family.

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