Thursday, October 18, 2012

Cutest Kids

I decided to snap a few random pictures before going to AWANA last night.  I feel so blessed to have children who (generally) get a long so well.  They squeal, tickle and laugh together every day.
We joke that Brady is our Baptist and Anna Belle is our Catholic.  Before meals, we used to only say the traditional Catholic blessing.  After hearing Pappaw use a more protestant prayer, he insists that we pray "like Pappaw" after the Catholic prayer.  This confuses Anna Belle who says "amen" at the end of the Catholic prayer and looks confused for the next few minutes.  
Brady's also our Baptist because he loves to carry his Bible.  We frequently talk about what makes Jesus (and his parents) happy vs. sad.  I try to focus on things like being nice to your sister, telling the truth, learning the Bible (mostly encouraging his weekly scripture memory for AWANA).  He picked up on the learning the Bible thing, so he spends a lot of time looking at his Bible... upside down more than right side up.

Brady had to check if Anna Belle had any candy left in her mouth.
They both LOVE when we put Anna Belle on Brady's back.  Brady laughs so hard, he almost has tears in his eyes.

I need to be better at journaling all the precious little moments we share.  I was thinking that yesterday, which inspired today's blog post, but now I can't remember what all I wanted to write.  Here are a few things I do remember:

Brady thinks that small air planes will grow up to be fighter jets.

Anna Belle loves to make the stink eye at you and then laugh about it.  She's also recently realized she can roll her tongue like a taco.

Brady gets an allowance now for doing "chores", such as staying in his bed through the night, taking a bath, brushing his teeth, practicing his weekly Bible verse, completing one of his letter writing worksheets, being nice to Anna Belle, being respectful, etc.  He gets a 5 cents for every  chore, every day, which adds up to $3 - $4 a week.  When I give him his money for a job well done, he walks around the house with his chest out and chin down for quite awhile, basking in his pride.

If there's something that Brady doesn't want to do, he says it's for girls.

Anna Belle loves to go into Brady's dresser, pull out his boxer briefs and put them on.

The kids love to lay down, side by side in front of the TV.  They do this downstairs and up in Brady's room (where they watch Cinderella).

When Brady sees money in my purse, he tells me I should buy a beautiful necklace.

When Brady sees a bride, he always calls her a princess.  Since Cinderella, he asked what they were doing at the end of the movie, and we told them that they got married.  We went on to explain that Mommy and Daddy got married.  Now when he watches anyone get married, he refers to when Mommy married Daddy, like a princess. : )

When Anna Belle wants something, she tries to verbalize it, but it usually takes a little guesswork.  When we have guessed correctly she scrunches up her nose and gives a cheesy grin.

... so many precious moments, I just wish I could hold on to every one.

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