Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Chase the Dog Dog

I generally try to keep the videos around 30 - 60 seconds, but this is a long one... sorry... When we get home from work and daycare, the whole Bacot family is excited to be together again (dogs included). Playing chase with Brady and Bailey is one of our favorite games. At the end of the video, Brady is looking at Bailey and saying dog. This is probably the second or third time that Brady has looked and said "dog", but he calls every thing dadadad or dododod. It's hard to know if this is really a first word, but I like that we caught it on video.

Some of you may notice that something about this video is very strange. Over the holiday weekend, we got a new rug and rearranged the furniture in the living room. This created a lot more play space and a better toy zone for Brady.

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makingcentsintexas said...

AHHH!!!! I love the video and I would definitely say he said "dog". How funny! Love the new look by the way!