Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Taylor and I got a Mac a few weeks ago, so I've spent most of my computer time learning a new computer. We've had to download some freeware to transfer old videos and get the Flip camera to behave. A lot of really easy things take me awhile to figure out, because I tend to overcomplicate it. For example, I'm not exactly sure how to save videos vs. projects in iMovie... any suggestions from my Mac friends? Here's a video clip where we finally recorded Brady saying MomBee... melts my heart every time.
Brady and I are joining Grammy, Megan and Sara on a Caribbean cruise out of Galveston. We leave in 3 weeks, and I'm finally starting to feel like I'm mentally ready. We booked our excursions which took a lot of thought, and we made a few important purchases (replacing a ripped suit case, a formal outfits for both of us, swimsuits, etc.). Now we just need to take Brady to the barber... his hair's getting so long!

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