Saturday, February 13, 2010

Peter Pan

I feel like I've been a little quiet on the blog front, so I thought I would make a quick post. Taylor and Brady are watching Peter Pan. Brady laughs out loud during the part where the Father trips over the blocks and all the children run to Nana (the canine nanny).

I think we've entered the time out era. Brady kept stalking Daisy and hitting her, while I repeatedly told him to stop. I finally picked him up and set him on the first step of the stairs. As soon as I set him down, he realized he was in time out and began to cry. I guess the school must have some form of time out. I let him sit there for about 20 seconds. As soon as he cleared up a bit, I told him to go play and leave Daisy alone. We hugged and then he went and played like a good boy. He makes me feel like a good parent.

Later on, he was slapping the computer. I asked him to stop 2 - 3 times before I finally said, "If you touch the computer again, you're going to time out". It worked like magic! Supernanny would be proud.

Brady has really become Mama's boy lately. He points to me a says, "Mom-BEEEE" repeatedly. If he's sitting in my lap, he leans in to kiss me and then throws his head back in laughter. I wish I could get it on video. I'll post new pictures and videos soon. For now, I'm going to cuddle with my family and watch Peter Pan... and think of a wonderful thought : )

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