Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sweet Moments with Brady

I really think that for every "terrible" 2 moment, we are blessed to have a "terrific" or "touching" 2 year old moment.

Last week, Brady crawled into bed with us around 4:00 am to cuddle for about 20 minutes. After he got his fill, he crawled off the bed and said, "nigh-night Mommy, nigh-night Daddy," and put himself back in bed.

Twice now, Brady has put his head down and said to me, "Mommy's SO sick." I guess I tell him that a lot.

Tonight, Bailey was licking his feet, and Brady mimicked his position exactly and licked his own hands.

We're trying to teach Brady to ask for things nicely. It is SO CUTE when he comes to us with an angelic smile and says, "Want some yogurt, please Mommy please?" How can we say no?

While at the ranch, Brady wore me out with the laps around the 20 acre property while he chased Bailey. At the end of the day, I built a campfire and we cuddled and watched the fire for about an hour before he fell asleep. I cherish these last few moments with just one little kiddo.

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