Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Hot off the Press

A lot had changed in the last 4 hours, so I thought a blog post was due.

1. Anna Belle's 2 week check up went great. She was born at 5 lb 7 oz. At 3 days she was 5 lb 2 oz. Today, she was 6 lb and 6 oz! She's still small, but she's growing quickly which is what the doctor likes to see. Yeah! Her 2 oz bottles aren't cutting it for her all the time now, so sometimes she can polish off a full 3 oz. in one sitting.

2. The buyer for our townhouse met with their attorney who went over the details with our Realtor at 5:00 PM today. We should have an executed offer tomorrow, which has an option based on the inspection. The offer says that we will close by Friday, April 15th.

3. Our final and best offer on the Tobinn Manor (foreclosure) house was turned down for a "much higher" offer. As much as we loved the house, we wouldn't have felt good about paying much more for it. The house is probably worth it, but we don't want to get in over our heads. We also feel better about being homeless compared to carrying 2 mortgages.

Here's another foreclosure home we toured in Coles Crossing. We're not sure if it's the one, but it would suit our needs well. Pool houses in Coles Crossing seem to go pretty quickly, so we will probably put an offer in on this one and see what happens. I never thought I would have that kind of an attitude towards home buying.

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