Sunday, March 13, 2011

A lot can happen in a week

Anna Belle turned a week old yesterday; she's been such a precious addition to our family. Brady is very sweet with her and proud to embrace his role as big brother and big helper. His new favorite thing is to pull out an entire gallon of milk and carry it to the living room when he wants something to drink. This and other somewhat unnecessary efforts have sprung up all over the place. I love to see Brady's chest swell with pride and a little smirk of a smile.
Here's a video of Anna Belle at 3 days old. I think she looks really alert for her age. She also seems to have a good little zest for life. She's very alert when she eats, and she's quite demanding when she's hungry. As long as she's well fed, she's very easy going.

Anna Belle eats and naps most of the time. She's nursing about half of the time, and drinks expressed milk and a litte formula the other half of the time. I'm happy to see my precious Anna Belle growing and gaining weight like a healthy little girl should. Here's another wakeful moment after nursing.

Brady's always been a fan of guitars, mostly thanks to his Pappaw. We got a Wii with Guitar Hero for Christmas, but we found the easiest way for Brady to play (at this age) is to turn on a music video and let him pretend to interact with the video. Led Zeppelin is his favorite... country just won't cut it for this kid.

There was a rodeo theme at gymnastics this week; Brady really liked the hat and stick horse. Though his feelings about country music are rather lackluster, Brady loves horse stuff (he calls Polo shirts cowboy shirts, and he loves watching Back to the Future III and Secretariat).

Taylor and I put an offer on this short sale / foreclosure property in Coles Crossing. We toured the property right before gymnastics yesterday. It's really close to the elementary school, which is more important since Cy-Fair discontinued a lot of their bus services. We also love the pool, big lot and general space. Please say a little prayer for us. There's a lot of little pieces that need to come together in the near future.

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Kim & Nathan said...

Anna Belle is so cute, congrats!

I love the outdoor kitchen, good luck!