Saturday, December 3, 2011

Santa Visit and Learning to Ride a Bike

Brady woke Taylor up around 3am to turn on a movie for him. By 4am, I was awake and doing my morning chores. We went to my mom's house, so Taylor could trim shrubs before my mom and sister put up the Christmas lights. At 10am we went to visit Santa Claus (played by a friend and former vendor of mine). We then dropped Brady off at Grammy's so we could finish our Christmas shopping (woo hoo!), and now we are absolutely wiped out. When we came to pick up Brady, he showed off his new bike riding skills. Megan had been working with him.
Anna Belle's started clapping a lot... so cute.
My cute little guy on his bicycle.
P.S. Brady should get his stitches out Monday night. The scar is looking a lot better, but he's still not looking forward to the doctor's visit.

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