Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Dog Bite

Our neighbor picked up our mail for us while we were at Disney. We went to their house to pick it up last night. They have a very friendly great dane, who Brady has played with a few times before. Brady and the dog were in the other room when we heard Brady scream. Since I first saw him, I keep thanking God that his eyes weren't effected.

Long story short, we took him to one of the retail center ER's (Excel) to get 5 stitches. They saw him quickly and tried to make the process as painless as possible. The doctor and nurse said Brady was their most polite patient. He kept saying, "Don't touch me! Please?" He also called both the women "naughty boys."

It was my hardest moment as a parent, thus far, to hold my baby while he was clearly so afraid and in pain as they stitched him up. I was up most of the night worrying about him.

This morning I picked up his anti-biotics, some ointment and rented a few movies for him (my mom always rented movies for me when I didn't feel well, which I remember fondly). After watching some hard-to-find how-to YouTube videos, I cleaned Brady's sutures. He did really well; I'm so proud of my little guy. The photo above was taken after this morning's clean up.

Anna Belle has a little cough (I think she was on germ overload from all her well-meaning fans at Disney world) and Bailey has some sort of stomach bug. It's time for me to put on my Dr. Mom hat and get back to work.


Mark said...

so glad he is doing well, all kinds of images flashed through my mind when your mother told me about it. You're doing a great job!

Allison said...

Poor baby!!! Did the great dane bite him? Im so glad he is going to be ok..give him kisses and hugs from Aunt Allison.

Michelle Bacot said...

Yes, the great dane bit him. Our neighbors were really gracious about it and drove us to the ER and paid for Brady's ER visit. After talking about it, I think we decided the dane was asleep on a chair. Brady must have startled him or poked at the boo boo on the dogs' nose. Again, I feel so blessed because it could have been a lot worse. Brady lets me clean his sutures every day without a fuss. Getting him to take the oral antibiotics is another story...
Thanks for the sentiments : )

Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear about what happened with brady. I understand how scared you must have been. When Daniel was 9 months old I had to tHe him to the ER. His brain had started bleeding after bumping heads with phillip. They had to do an MRI, my mom was with him will I stAyed out in the hall listening to him scream. It was the worst.
Give Brady lots of kiss for us. He is so brave.