Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Hollywood Studios (cont)

Monday's visit to Hollywood Studios started very slowly, but ended with our magical Jedi experience. This morning, we went back to ride Toy Story Mania and the Tower of Terror. It was a short, but productive trip. We didn't want to stay long because we're going to Harry Potter Land tonight.
The Toy Story Mania ride was VERY much like the Toy Story Mania iPhone app. We were pushing and shoving to get in line for Toy Story as soon as the park opened. We were 2nd in line, had a great time, and found a 75 minute wait as soon as we left?! It was an insanely busy ride! Here's what the carts look like and a really blurry picture of Megan and Brady during the ride.
Here we are with the Bowers family at the 50's Prime Time Cafe. The wait was long, but the food and service were really great.
Here's Brady while we were waiting for our table. You can see Walt Disney playing on the TV in the back. The restaurant is supposed to be like having dinner at grandma's house. The wait staff bribes you with dessert for eating your vegetables.
Here we are at the park entrance on our first day of Hollywood Studios.
My precious little Anna Belle has gotten a lot of attention on the trip. She's been very sweet and happy in the park.

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phillip said...

y'all are going to harry potter land and y'all had that amazing star wars experience... so jealous, so so jealous! haha