Sunday, February 26, 2012

Winds of Change

I think this marks the first time that I have uploaded iPhone pictures to the blog. I really need to bring my camera with me more often. I guess we have spring fever around here, because we're getting ready for pool season. Here's a picture of my baby girl in her swimsuit for this year.
Anna Belle graduated to a big girl car seat. Where did the first year go?
Katie Beth and Anna Belle go to church together Sundays and Wednesdays and they're at the Y together. I love how they really recognize one another, even at this young age.
We're also in home improvement mode. This bed is my great great grandmother Russell's. Taylor's parents gave us the monogrammed sheets and mattresses and my mom let us borrow the art... so we have a guest bedroom!
When we first moved in, we had to have three dead palm trees removed from our back yard (Fannie Mae didn't tend to the landscape during last years drought and/or freeze prior to our purchase). This year we're replacing them with a canary island palm and a medjool date palm. The first 2 pictures are the medjool and the last picture is the canary. They'll be installed on March 8th. I always feel sick when we spend money, but I know they'll be beautiful.

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Allison said...

Love her new swim suit and pretty! Where do you find these cute outfits?
Loved getting to spend some time with you guys the other day!