Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happy Birthday Party Day

I looked at a lot of different themes for Anna Belle's birthday party, but decided fancy pink roses would be the theme.
I feel like I spent all week party planning and prepping; it's been a lot of fun. I spent a lot of time making these party hats and the fringe myself, but failed to get the right measurements for any of the "chin straps". Oh well. There aren't a lot of years where mommy can do exactly as she pleases for a birthday party, so carpe diem, right?
My little angel was ready for party time.
Relaxing with Grandpa
The buffet line
Aunt Allison and Aunt Ann. Aunt Ally's Alligater A, a, A.
Happy first birthday bloomers. The sweet dress Anna Belle's wearing was Brianna's, and Brianna wore it for her first birthday party.
Before we officially started opening gifts, Anna Belle was putting on a show for us. She was very sweet and very entertaining all night long.
The past few weeks, we've been buying birthday gifts for other kids and not for Brady. He's been asking for this plane for quite awhile, so it became his good big brother gift today. He was pretty excited.
The Bowers got Anna Belle this Minnie Mouse. Just like at Disney World with the real Minnie, Anna Belle went straight for the nose.
Anna Belle really loved this new Peter Rabbit tea set from Grandma and Grandpa. I was afraid of her breaking pieces, so I only let her play with one piece at a time. She kept pretending to drink from the tea pot.
Without words, this photo says, "Thank you Grandma, I love my new tea set!"
Blowing out the candle; a family affair.
She was eager to eat her birthday cake (she had some practice on Thursday, so she knew what was coming). My great great Grandma Russell's china matched her party theme perfectly.
I'm convinced that Anna Belle really likes to dress up. Look at this ham posing for a picture with the party hat?!
Anna Belle's really taken to Papa; see their 1's?
Anna Belle started playing with her tea set and decided to nurse the tea pot's lid. Obviously it didn't work out very well, and then she finally remembered that she hadn't nursed all day long. We're weaning slowly. I feel like she's ready, but moments like these I'm happy to hold on. She took this happy girl pic after nursing.
Having her first birthday party over floods me with nostalgic, bittersweet tears. The first of many milestones to come, but your babies are really only a baby for 1 short year. I really appreciate everyone coming over to share this special day with us. Having our family so close (literally and figuratively) is an immeasurable blessing.
Anna Belle and Brianna have birthdays just a few days apart. In future years, we will probably try to combined forces. Last night we celebrated Brianna's 8th birthday.
I wanted to get a picture of Brady and Anna Belle together. At first we asked Brady to hug his sister, so we ended up with a nice shot of his beautiful hair.
Approach #2 was asking Brady to help Anna Belle show how old she is. they both hold up their pointer fingers,
...and Anna Belle poses for her praises.

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Mark Puckett said...

Beautiful pictures of a beautiful girl! Looks like you had a great time setting it all up, Michelle, and Anna Belle was equal to your efforts at party time! Great photos, wish I was there!