Friday, March 9, 2012

One Busy Day

We might have skipped last year because Anna Belle was just a few weeks old, but this isn't Brady's first rodeo. This year we went with Grammy and Megan. Brady was at a great age to appreciate everything. He has no fear or hesitation with animals, and he loved the big trucks and tractors.
When Brady sees a Ralph Lauren Polo shirt, he also points to the emblem and calls it a cowboy shirt. This became more of an irony at the rodeo. I kept telling him he was going to see cowboys, and he was relieved when he finally saw that emblem on a little boy's shirt and said, "There's the cowboy!" Was he expecting a Ralph Lauren photo shoot when I talked about going to the rodeo to see cowboys?
Before heading over to the stadium, we took a break on the mattress exhibit. Brady found a friend to play with.
In the morning, we had our pool heater replaced by TexSun pools; it was my first time to use them, and I think I'll be a repeat customer. Our trees arrived on an 18-wheeler flat bed and a 45 ton crane helped take them off the truck. It was quite a spectacle in our sleepy little neighborhood.
Here's the finished product... the Canary Island Palm.
We're supposed to leave the Medjool Date Palm tied up for another 2 weeks. I'll give another "after" shot when the we let the fronds down.

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