Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday Weekend

On Friday, we celebrated Taylor's dad's birthday.  We had a lovely dinner, and I took some pictures of Brady helping with dessert.
Anna Belle with Grandpa Jim

On Saturday morning, we celebrated Katie Beth's first birthday.

 Anna Belle helped her out with the icing.

 A few weeks ago, Sam (my cousin) gave us his old bunk beds.  Painting them navy blue took more time than I would have liked (isn't that the way it always is?), but I think they turned out really great.  I still need to paint the ladder and rails, but that may be a few weeks away.
 Brady is super excited about his bunk beds.  A friend of mine recommended putting a lamp on a timer, to let Brady know when he could wake up.  It has really helped Brady stay in bed until morning.  In hindsight, I think Brady was waking up and coming to our room in the middle of the night (as early as 11pm) because he didn't want to miss his dad before leaving for work each day.  I set the alarm early enough so they can eat Cheerios together each morning.
On Saturday night, we had my family over to celebrate Becky and Megan's birthdays.  As our kids get older, the kids are playing together more, and we all get to stay up a little bit later.  We had a nice swim and watched the Lorax together.  I'm so grateful to have my extended family near by.  Brady was really sad when everyone had to leave.

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