Monday, September 3, 2012

The Ranch

We went to the ranch for Labor Day weekend.  Brady got to shoot a BB gun for the first time, which he REALLY liked.  Over dinner tonight, he emphasized several times that, "it's not for hunters, it's for children."

Even if it was for children, Brady folded his arms more than usual when talking to Daddy and Grandpa (because that's what the guys do).
 We went to Wimberly to visit the Blue Hole Regional Park.  I don't exactly remember why Brady was shaking his fist at the old bald cypress tree.
 They had chain swings and cool platforms to jump from.  It was really  nice.
 My sweet family.
 Anna Belle loves wearing my jewelry, to the point where it's hard for me to wear any.  In the photo below, she's modeling my earrings.  I put the hooks over the tops of her ears.
 Brady really enjoyed the hammock on this particular trip to the ranch,
 and he also enjoyed taking pictures with my camera.

 Mr. Spiderman shirt tangled up in his web / hammock.

 So... these stray donkeys have been watching over the house lately.  They're really friendly.  They drink out of the fountains, poop by the bottom patio, and grazed the pasture (nearest the house) down to the dirt.  If we shooed them off, they kept their distance.  If we acted friendly, they came up to be petted.  These are called Bethlehem Donkeys because of the cross over their shoulders.  This is a good picture of the three little amigos.
 Brady took the photo above and then I snapped a shot of him hanging over the rail to watch the donkeys.
 Brady helped make ice cream.
 The creek wasn't dry, but it wasn't as high as we would have liked.  We still snapped quite a few pictures.  I remember Brady loving to point out our facial features, and now Anna Belle is in that stage. It's hard to keep those little fingers off my eyeballs,
 but Anna Belle welcomes the challenge.
 My sweet girl lounging on the back patio.
 This is my favorite photo of the kids from this weekend.  They loved playing in the formerly grassy, now dirty, pasture.  The dirt was really loose and dry, which made it great for kicking up the dust and covering his favorite car (Sarge).

 If you look closely, you can see the dirty finger marks on Anna Belle's left cheek.  She was filthy all over, but very cute.
 Bailey enjoyed getting dirty too.
 We bought Texas pecans on the drive up, and Anna Belle hoarded them in her cheeks.
 Taylor and I have been teaching Sunday School for Brady's class this year.  Here are our sweet little kiddos.

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