Friday, April 24, 2009

Bacot's go to the Bahamas

The plane trips seemed long, but we were grateful to arrive at the beautiful Westin Our Lucaya resort on Grand Bahama Island. Brady was ready to have some tummy time on the bed.
On the first morning, it was a little cool and cloudy. Taylor and I love being the first ones on the beach in the morning. There's something so beautiful and powerful about seeing a secluded beach at sunrise. Brady looked so cute.

When the afternoon warmed up a bit, we took Brady back out to the beach. We discovered he really prefers pool water over the salt water. He splashed a lot in the salt water and kept smacking his mouth until I gave him a bottle.

Taylor had meetings all day on Tuesday, so Brady and I laid on a little grassy knoll surrounded by the serpentine pool. We only spent about an hour out there, but it was nice to lounge around.

The island and hotel were great, but our room was REALLY fabulous. We were one of the very few corner rooms to have beach front and a marina front corner patio. It's also a good vantage point to view the hotel and the pool.

When we arrived to the hotel, the infinity edge pool in front of our building didn't look exactly like it did in the pictures. One morning we walked to the far end of the property and found this pool. It's much more secluded and absolutely beautiful.

Brady hasn't fallen asleep in my arms much since I went back to work. While we were on vacation, I was pretty tickled that we got to have a lot of cuddly naps.

We had dinner at Luciano's one night. It was located in the Port Lucaya market place, right on the marina.

Brady kept crawling under the desk to play with all the electrical wires. To keep him away from live power, we gave him a few unplugged cords to play with. He loved it.

Agave became our little group's favorite restaurant. They served modern latin cuisine with an island flare. Brady mostly liked chewing on the granola bar, while still in it's wrapper.

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