Saturday, April 18, 2009

Nana, My Nana

Today my Nana went to be with Jesus.

She's been sick for quite some time, but it's still hard to believe that she's really gone. Nana's always been the center of our big happy family. As a little girl, I remember my mom and I sitting on the phone for hours at a time with Nana, Julie and Becky on the line. Visits to Nana's house were always magical and fun; she definitely spoiled us. When Nana and Papa moved to Houston, I have fond memories of ER, pizza and card playing. As I grew older, I feel like she was always unconditionally loving even when I was somewhat of a problem child.

On our wedding day, Taylor's nerves were really shaken. He vividly remembers walking Nana down the aisle. She patted his arm and smiled, and that's when he knew everything would be okay. Nana's meant so much to me, it's hard for me to recall all the specifics. I do know that she brought warmth and love to all of us.

Nana, my Nana from Sikeston Missouri
She's as gentle and pure
As a calm, midnight flurry

Her compassionate soul
And warm, caring smile
She expresses in her own very beautiful style

Her heart is as rich
As McLean County soil
With love for her grandkids
Which are most definitely spoiled

Nana, my Nana is humble and kind,
Faithful and patient
Even funny at times

Nana, my Nana knows who she is;
United with God since she was a kid
Examining her heart reveals more than a mirror
For the Almighty God is her only fear

She has the key to life
So the good Book states;
The elimination of strife;
The hope of great fate.

Maybe this is why
Nana, my Nana's so radiant and clear;
So dear to my heart,
So Loving and near.

Lord Jesus, I thank you for the Nana who's mine;
Your growing wisdom within her led to you grace divine.

Thank you for creating and placing this rare flower
In my garden of life; for it shows your true power.

Stephen McClintick
December 25, 2001

Nana, Stephen and Julie

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