Friday, January 1, 2010

Beach Bums

Papa rented a really great house in Surfside this week. There were 20 of us total; the house was huge and held all of us comfortably. Taylor and I were really grateful to have a king size bed; it's hard to go back once you're used to sleeping on a king.

We went to Galveston's Rainforest Cafe for the first time; it was a lot of fun! Brady made lion, gorilla and elephant sounds at the electronic animals. After lunch, we rode on the little boat ride, which resembles "It's a Small World" at Disney. Brady was a little bit afraid. There were no tears shed, but he was definitely a bit overwhelmed. I was glad we got him this little jungle cat (a Lynx) to hold onto through the ride.
We stayed in the house on the right. Kelly Jo and Megan watched Brady try out his rain boots for the first time.
I know it's a little indulgent to have this many pictures of the same thing, but I couldn't help myself.
After a small fall (proven by the sandy bottom), Brady confidently marched right back towards the water.
Luke and Brianna were pretty cheerful on the trip, especially considering they were both a bit sick. They left a day early to go to the doctor.
Brady learned how to climb on a chair by himself. He was quite proud.
Watching Pappaw play guitar always entertains us.
Brianna got quite a few fairies for Christmas.
Nathan and Sam play on the Wii upstairs.

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