Friday, January 1, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Bacots

On Christmas Eve Eve, the Bacot family (Taylor's parents and siblings) went to the Alley Theater to see A Christmas Carol, compliments of Uncle Jeffrey (THANK YOU!). Brady stayed at home with Grammy and Pappaw, where Pappaw gave Brady this cool Jeep gear. Pappaw has a hat to match this; this is the first hat that Brady's happy to leave on his head.
We had Christmas Eve dinner at the Bacot's. Brady received a lot of great little toys. He got a wooden semi-truck, a little crane, an Elmo plush and clothes.
We're so grateful to get Luke's hand me downs. This cute little Christmas outfit was his last year.
Here's a picture of what Santa brought Brady.
Grammy and Pappaw got Brady these big cardboard blocks. They were quite a hit.
Brady calls the authorities to report vandalism of a brick tower.

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