Thursday, January 28, 2010

More every day moments

Our neighbors invited us over for dinner, and the dress was elegantly casual. Here's Brady dressed for the occasion. He knows he looks good.
Once again, Brady prefers household items over toys. The tape measure is his latest fascination.
Brady crawls from the diaper box, to the couch to the floor again and again and again.
More lounging in front of the TV... a recurring theme?

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Anonymous said...

Hi! My name is Melissa (formerly Nichols) and I am a long time friend of Taylor. In fact, you and I were at Texas Women's about the same time son is also named Brady! Anways, I was at the peditrician's office today and noticed your family Christmas card on the wall---I immeadiately noticed Taylor and saw the blog address on it. Loved catching up on all that has gone on. My blog is

Please let Taylor know I said "hi!" I would love to meet to get our Brady's together and catch up with Taylor!