Monday, June 28, 2010

Catching Up

With all the stress I've been under, I couldn't figure out why my pictures were uploading into text. Turns out I was on the "edit Html" tab. The good news is, I have lots of new pictures.

My interior landscaping company at work provided the plants for the circus this year. I haven't been to the circus since elementary school, so we were really excited to go. There's an animal open house and other fun events prior to the show. Here's a picture of us with the elephant trainer.
I recently learned that the circus elephants always walk from the train station to their circus venue. Most animals get put on trucks, but the elephant's strong herding instinct doesn't allow them to be on separate vehicles. The elephants all link up trunk to tail and walked about one mile to Reliant at about 7:00 pm on a Friday evening.
Seeing the 3 tigers in this ring was really quite frightening. They wrestled and played with one another quite a bit.
Brady loved the actual circus too. He danced to the music, made lots of animal sounds and said bye bye to the animals as they left the floor. It was fun to see him really enjoy the show.
For the Fourth of July, we headed up to the ranch in Dripping Springs. I'm sure I've posted photos before, but here's the Cypress tree that was planted on our wedding day back in January 2006. The water at the ranch was the highest I've seen it in years.
We visited a neighbor's house to see their gardens. Brady mostly played on the stairs surrounded by rosemary.
I love this picture of father and son playing in the creek.
On Saturday we visited several vineyards in the hill country. Here's a family picture taken at the Pedernales Cellars vineyard. It was definitely the prettiest, though the wine wasn't our favorite.
Brady loves to eat watermelon (to the point where he sometimes refuses his meal because all he wants is watermelon). It gets pretty messy, so we send him outside to eat. It's funny how content he is to be outside alone, as long as he has his sweet watermelon.
We found a lot that we want to buy, right on Buffalo Bayou. It's in a floodway, which adds a lot of complications to the building (and thus buying) process.
With my boss leaving, in the middle of budget season, I feel stressed to the max. It's probably not that great of an idea for open a new can of worms with this townhouse selling, lot buying, house building plan. With that said, we're so in love with this breathtaking view.

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