Thursday, September 9, 2010

13 Weeks Today!

I can't believe it's been over a month since we've posted pictures. After completing each puzzle, Brady yells, "Yea Puzzle!"
On Sunday, Taylor played golf at Hermann park with some old college buddies. Grammy picked us up and took us out to the suburbs. Brady now calls Daddy's BMW and Grammy's van the "cool car". My 4Runner is apparently not cool.
Grammy got new baskets and shelves to store Brady's toys in her living room. Brady was quick to pull everything out. After his vaccinations last week, he started getting pretty congested and had repeated bloody noses. We started giving him Astragalus a few times a day to boost his immune system, warm baths with baking soda, epson salt or apple cider vinegar to detox and saline nose spray to help heal his soft nasal tissues. I'm happy to say that he's a healthy boy again.
I asked Brady to get a tissue for himself from the bathroom and he felt as though he needed a lot of tissue for his bloody little nose.
I guess I'm taking too many pictures of my little man. He walked up to the camera and said, "smile" and gave me this funny face. He did it a few times.
I didn't get great pictures with Brady, Mick and Mitzi, but I know Pappaw would appreciate seeing a few pics of his grandson with his furry children.
Brady threw the ball to Mick and he caught it in mid air more times than not. Brady was immensely entertained by this and liked it most when Mick had to dart and twist to catch the ball.
Mick would return the ball to Brady up on the deck,
and as he crawled up Mitzi would slip him a little kiss.
Brady could almost empty the entire dog bowl by splashing with his foot. He found it hilarious.
I did have a fresh Ozarka bottle with me, but Brady wanted to drink with the dogs. Mitzi found this rather curious.
Funny guy
As if he weren't wet enough.
Grammy had told us about a restaurant called Clay's where you could pet the animals. It was hard to picture, and I didn't like the idea of being out in the heat in the middle of the day. On Sunday evening, we finally made it out there and Brady had a ball! He loved petting the horses and donkeys the most. He would probably hang out by the fence all day long, if we let him. I drug my IV pole around with me and probably looked a little bit ridiculous, but I was happy to be out in the real world.
I'm finally 13 weeks today. I felt pretty good all week (praise the Lord!), except for yesterday when I pushed myself a little too far. I showered, washed all my delicate laundry (in preparation for going back to work) and washed dishes. I paid for it all evening, but I'm doing better this morning.
I've had some trouble with my IV sites. They should last 5 days, but my last one lasted 1 day and the one before that only lasted 3 days. I think my veins are getting tired of all this nonsense, but my nauseated tummy is grateful for the extra fluids. I'm still taking continuous fluids (3 bags per day). I'm trying to max out on fluids, drugs and acupuncture so that I can finally return to work on Monday. I've been out for 5 weeks now.

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