Saturday, September 18, 2010

Birthday, Ballgame and an Elephant

Here's a sneak peak of Brady's Halloween costume. Last year, Brady was a very cute lion. We played with the costume a lot to help him get used to the headdress and the idea of playing a lion. On Halloween he happily roared like a lion and never bothered fussing with his costume. We're hoping that by playing with the elephant costume, we'll have similar success.
At first Brady was afraid of the costume, but by the next morning he kind of liked wearing the head and playing with the trunk. He's so cute!
On Saturday we went to the Aggie game... kind of. We went to a lot of the pre-game festivities. We had lunch with the former student group we used to work with, in the MSC. I was happy to have an air conditioned space indoors to relax. Megan and Taylor took turns walking Brady outside to see the Aggie Band parade in, visit a booth with first responder / rescue dogs, etc. Brady loved it. Taylor, Megan and Brady went to the game, but only lasted about 30 minutes. We ended up eating dinner at Fitzwilly's and driving home. It was fun to visit Aggieland for the day.
On Tuesday we went to the Bacot's to celebrate Taylor's Dad's 65th birthday.
Brady rolled on the floor and cuddled with Remi under the chair. Remi is by far the calmest Lab I've ever seen.
Brady really liked Grandpa's coconut cream pie.

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