Monday, January 24, 2011

Tea Party and more

Allison and Ann (Taylor's youngest sisters) hosted a tea party / baby shower for little Miss Anna Belle. It was very elegant and a lot of fun.
On Friday, January 7th, Taylor, Brady and I had lunch at Lucky Strike. The food was great and they had this cool ramp, so that Brady could bowl too. We were the only ones in the whole bowling alley; it's our favorite way to enjoy in town destinations... off hours.
Our townhouse is back on the market with a new Realtor. Our old Realtor moved to Colorado. Hopefully the new year and new Realtor will bring the right buyer. We have a few house showings this week and an open house on Sunday. Both of our favorite houses in Coles Crossing reduced their sale prices last week. We certainly have the itch!

I've been feeling tired and nauseated constantly. I'm so tired of being sick! I know that I'll feel a million times better once little Anna Belle makes her debut. Seven more weeks feels like an eternity.

We've been working on our next Shutterfly album and burning our Brady videos to DVD. Making "movies" is particularly time consuming. Now that we have the process figured out, hopefully it will be smoother. The past week has felt like one technical difficulty after another. Computers apparently don't like working with 47 GB files.

Brady's potty training has been slow. He generally does really well at school, but he's not interested in the potty at home (this is a vast understatement for the fits he throws when we take him to the big boy potty). This brings out the part of me that feels like his school parents him better than Taylor and I ever could. I'm glad we have another few weeks to concentrate on potty training before Anna Belle arrives. Maybe 7 weeks is just what we need...

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