Thursday, August 25, 2011

Anna Belle Can Sit Up!

I can't believe my sweet girl is already sitting up. I've been sorting through baby clothes to prep for the 6 - 12 month sizes, and it further reminds me of how my baby's growing up. Even though I'm staying at home, I still feel like Anna Belle is growing up even faster than Brady did (which is all in my imagination).
We have a lot of photos of Brady in his Jumperoo, but I think this is Anna Belle's first. I've been feeling guilty for not keeping up with my photo duties as diligently as I had with Brady.
Yesterday, Brady stood on the table (his stage) and said, "Let's sing a song," about 100 times. He didn't really want to sing anything, I think he was just mimicking the praise and worship leaders at church (hence the clapping and over dramatic pointing). He usually gets shy and stops what he's doing when I video tape him, but not this time : )

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