Monday, August 8, 2011

Happy Birthday boys!

This photo was taken right after we went out for dinner to celebrate Aunt Megan's new job as an eighth grade US History teacher at Cy-Fair's new junior high, Salliard Middle School. Congrats Aunt Megan!
Last night we celebrated Brady's 3rd birthday. I've never seen so many people in our pool at once. It was a lot of fun.
Sweet John Patrick.
When Anna Belle had her melt down, I had to go sit in the bath tub with her for awhile. I was grateful that Sarah Beth took pictures in my absence and that Grammy held my crying baby for awhile, so I could still enjoy the party. Thank you both!
James is trying to explain to Brady that they need to take a picture together. Brady's trying to maintain possession of the lawn mower.
I think Brady's trying to explain himself. I got these little dog tags for the kids. Too bad they have an American Eagle on it with this word CHINA right underneath. I guess it's appropriate since they own us.
The Bowers got Brady this set of Cars from Cars 2 (or as Brady calls it, Cars Another One). He's playing his favorite game with them right now, "Sorry Cars". This is where the cars run into each other and say, "Sorry Cars".
These photos are in sequence. The candles blew out before Brady could blow, but that didn't stop him.
Papa got this Monster Truck for Brady. It was the hit of the night, until it came out of the box and charged at Brady.
This was Grammy and Pappaw's foreshadowing gift for the bigger Jeep to come.
Drum roll for the big birthday surprise...
Brady liked the radio, but started to get a little apprehensive when he hit the gas pedal. This is his favorite toy at Toys 'R' Us, but the ones at the store don't actually move.
Dalin is our neighbor two doors down and one of my mom's students from last year.
I had hoped that by letting James and Luke drive, Brady's sense of jealousy might turn on. I think he was just a little too overwhelmed to enjoy it yesterday, but I know he's going to love this little Jeep and have fond memories of riding in it. There's a little part of me that hopes his love for the Jeep kicks in after the temperature gets out of the triple digits.
Cheesy grin
Megan got Brady the Justin Bieber movie, so after the party they watched the first part together.
Grammy and Pappaw got Taylor this big cooler for his birthday. It's huge on the inside and still had ice this morning. Thank you!
I really enjoy being a stay at home mom. I like that I can have parties like last night and have the next day to clean up and relax with the kids. I like that Brady takes an increasing interest in playing with Anna Belle. I feel like I need to document some of my new favorite things, so thanks for letting me indulge myself...

It makes me laugh how happily Anna Belle miles and giggles... after her morning poop. I also like how she smiles at the mirror like she's looking at another baby.

I like that all morning, Brady's been saying, "Thank you, I love it," but saying it last night was a real challenge.

After I've warned Brady about a time out, he misbehaves again, and then I hold his hand to walk him to time out, he looks at me with those bright eyes and says, "I'm gonna be a good boy."

I downloaded an iPhone app based on the book, "There's a Monster at the End of this Book." It was one of Taylor's favorites as a child. Grover essentially begs and pleads the reader not to turn the next page because he's afraid of the monster... the monster turns out to be cute, lovable, furry Grover himself. Brady laughs and hee-haws at the book, and repeatedly asks to play "Zuper Zover."

I should probably stop blogging, so I can Google all the names of the Cars 2 characters. Brady's repeatedly asking me, and I just don't know!

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phillip said...

That Jeep brings me back to my childhood!!!! Haha, we'll have to do something about those dog tags with CHINA on them. I think I can help with that.

Brady's comments make me laugh just by reading them on here. I can picture him with those cars running into each other. too funny. Love y'all!