Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mama's Day!

This morning, Taylor and Brady went out to pick up donuts and flowers for me : ).  After church, we met Grammy and Megan for lunch then stopped at the park to take pictures.  Taylor's dad picked out this little dress for Anna Belle for a baby shower.  She looked pretty sweet in it today.  Afterwards, the girls (minus Anna Belle) went to see the Hunger Games (again).  
We're really excited to have new lighting in our back yard, but it's really hard to photograph.  As much as I miss my sweet little Anna Belle sleeping at my side at night (last summer), it will be fun to play in the pool after putting her to bed this summer.
 To celebrate Megan and Kiki's birthdays, we met our college friends at Ruggles Green for dinner.  We got great seats; the kids enjoyed playing in the grass.
 Brady found a girlfriend to play with.
 When food, drink, toys and music wouldn't console my baby girl, I decided to take a picture.  It may be an odd way to deal with the problem, but I figured it's good to catch some of our most common moments... kids in their car seats.

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