Friday, May 4, 2012

Love Fern

I love this picture of my beautiful / handsome family; I feel very blessed.  For the first time, Anna Belle crawled down the stairs by herself (with Mommy chanting, "Be careful!").  Brady had his second private swim lesson today and can swim across our pool by himself!  I'm so proud of my little kiddos.  Why must all milestones be bittersweet reminders that the years are slipping by?

We made it to the Bacot Ranch safely.  We're delighted that the bald cypress planted on our wedding day is alive and well (the tree behind Brady's hand).  With the droughts and freezes the last few years, we weren't sure it would survive.  Alas, our love fern lives.

P.S. We got Brady to smile by telling him not to clap.

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Casey said...

Wonderful picture <3 and wonderful love fern ;)