Saturday, July 14, 2012

New Braunfels (Part II)

I forgot to mention on the last post that Brady went down one of the BIG slides at Schlitterbaun.  He was actually afraid of the slides we photographed him on (at first).  Ann and I took Brady on the "Black Knight" which is in an enclosed black tube the whole way down.  Brady and I shared a double tube, and he loved the whole thing.  We'll definitely come back to Schlitterbaun next year.

Part of the reason Brady's been so bad about posing for pictures is that he constantly wants to be the photographer.  Here's some of Brady's work:

 ...and back to my photography
 Brady in a mood

 We got this face by telling Brady that he had to smile for one picture before he could play with the camera.
 These are Brady's shots

 I took identical photos of Brady doing this 3 years ago.

 Anna Belle and Brae have attracted a lot of attention.  I never have a camera around at the right times, but last night they hugged and cooed over one another for quite awhile.

 Jill and Brae (Jill designs for Tiny Prints and we use her designs for Christmas cards and such)
 Jill's oldest son is Pace, who's just a few months younger than Brady.  They enjoy playing with the same toys, though Brady still plays mostly independently.

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