Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Braunfels (Part III)

Brett and Allison came up to visit for the day.  Fortunately the weather was really nice.  In the photos above, Anna Belle had just woken from a nap.  Brady took this photo of the three of us.  He's quite the photographer.

... but he had to pout when someone else was taking the picture.

 This is the view from the baby pool looking towards the big pool.  The river is just beyond the big pool.

In the mornings, we got to Naeglin's bakery to get specialty donuts and kolaches.  Afterwards we go to Landa Park to let the kids play on the playground.

 I'm having such a hard time getting Brady to smile for photos, I started acting like we were playing chase with the camera.  I would yell "Gotcha!" every time I snapped a photo.  He's running away and therefore the pictures are blurry, but there's a happy boy on the other side of the lens.

 We went to lunch at the Gristmill.
 ...with a great view of the river.

While Anna Belle napped, the Brett, Brady and Taylor went out to the river.  

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phillip said...

You have no idea how much I want to be there with y'all right now. I miss Heidelberg lodges and schlitterbahn and the gristmill, etc...