Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter

Easter bunny was good to our little ones. Brady's really excited about both of the movies. We look forward to having Easter dinner with Taylor's family tonight (and getting to dress Anna Belle up in another one of her new dresses).
This is our first year to decorate and hide real boiled eggs.
Our little Easter egg hunt, in our swimsuits.
My boy loves punch balloons!
My little angel in one of the dresses that Aunt Joanne sent. I'm not sure on the story behind each dress, but she sent dresses that were worn by her girls and some of them are from when Joanne, Allison and Ann were little.
I set this lovely table for Easter dinner with my family, but we all ended up eating on melamine out by the pool. At least clean up was easier : ) We're really excited about our new shutter, which was installed on Friday.
I don't know what's been going on with the ducks, but they've been hanging out at my house every morning. Brady loves greeting them when he wakes up. He's also in his SuperMan shirt, which he would wear every day (if I let him).
My happy kiddos love taking a bath together in the mornings.
I really like looking at landscape photos from year to year. The "before" pics were from late May 2011. You can tell I took them at different times of day, and I had the garage spot in the second photo rather than Taylor.
Before and After (again)

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