Saturday, April 14, 2012

Wet happened?

I'm so glad that Taylor watched the kids today, so that I could get acupuncture, Chinese herbs, and have lunch and shop with his sweet sisters.

After a dry month or so, Brady has wet his pants several times this week (I'll spare you the drama and details).

After I told him we weren't going to play with play dough, Brady took the neon orange play dough in the Harry Potter closet to play. It was in his stuffed animals, the walls, his clothes and all over the carpet before I discovered it.

When I was pregnant with Brady, I splurged on a little ceramic alligator bank. I caught Brady pulling it off the 4' shelf, so I moved it up to the 6' high closet shelf. While atop his suit case, with a hanger in hand, he batted at the alligator until it fell to the ground and broke. Brady came downstairs with unexplained boo-boos, which Taylor cleaned up today. When I heard Brady playing with loose change, I suddenly realized what happened. I wish I could replace it : (

In anticipation for playing golf with Daddy after work, Brady tore apart our closet in an attempt to pull out Daddy's golf bag, clubs and balls.

After wearing me out with additional clean up efforts, he still just melts my heart. I love that he asks, "Mommy, wanna watch TV wit me?" and wants to cuddle. He tells me he loves me about 20 times every morning and gives lots of kisses. He's really good about saying thank you and being gracious when we fix his meals, or help him get dressed or help him take a bath. I love the way he mumbles through our prayers before dinner. I love that he sincerely loves his sister, and loves blowing raspberries on her tummy to make her giggle. I love that I wake up to Brady gently petting my back and saying, "Mommy, can I have Cheerios, please, mommy, please?"

I may be tired, but God has blessed me with a sweet son and I'm so happy to be his mommy.

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