Sunday, April 29, 2012

Kid and Carpet Pics

Here's a pic of my beautiful children before going to church this morning.  This is another one of the dresses from Joanne; I'm not sure on the exact history.

 We're in the midst of a small bedroom reno (I'll post pics when I'm done), and we decided to paint the bedroom.  I had cleaned most everything up when Anna Belle woke from her nap.  I picked her up and continued my clean up efforts.  I sat her down briefly so I could plug stuff in behind our night stands.  I turned around and found Anna Belle sitting in a puddle of paint with a very full can in her lap.

I immediately set the can aside, rushed her into the bath tub, and ran for the dust pan and trashcan.  At this point I'm feeling really good about my quick thinking and response time.  I scooped a few pans of paint into the trash and I hear Anna Belle calling for me.  I turn around to find her standing in the tub with paint all of her face (AAAHHHH!!)  I left the paint spill to go clean up my daughter and make sure she hadn't swallowed any of the paint.  

On Friday we had a carpet guy come out and patch the carpet stain.  You can see the patch a little, but it's hardly noticeable compared to the huge paint spill.

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Anonymous said...

That dress was one that her Auntie Allision and Auntie Ann wore. The other one you had her in for Easter at the Bacot's was one of the Dresses her Grandma Patricia bought for Madison