Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Blessed with Freedom, in more ways than one

Lately, I feel busy, tired, a little sick, but oh so blessed. Anna Belle is at a great age. She smiles as soon as she makes eye contact with Taylor, Brady or me. She even smiles at Brady after he splashes water in her eyes in the bath tub. It's hard to convince him that she doesn't like it. Anna Belle's getting a lot stronger, which makes her easier to hold. She grips onto us like a little koala bear.

On the way home from Grammy's, Anna Belle was crying in her car seat. Brady tried to soothe her by cooing, "AaaAaaAw, it's okay sweet girl. We're malmost home. It's goin' be okay." It absolutely melted my heart. I tried, but was unsuccessful at getting a video. The crying was just too loud to hear Brady. I love how eager he is to soothe her crying and how happy Anna Belle is to see her brother.

For the Fourth, we invited the family over to our house. Anna Belle had cute outfits for the occasion, which has quickly become my latest obsession.
Grammy baked a banana cake, and Megan and Brady decorated it with the classic cool whip, strawberries and blueberries.
Brady loves playing with his cousin Daniel in the pool; we're glad that Daniel's been able to spend so much time with us in Houston. Brady's getting pretty nimble with those water guns.
Thanks for doing the dishes, Trey and Ann! I learned that Trey used to coach at Cypress Academy with Megan. It's such a small world!
Brett and Allison brought nachos from Lupe's; we're so glad that Brett didn't have to work for the Fourth!
On an unrelated note, here's a picture of my favorite chef helping to make spinach quesadillas (a staple meal in the Bacot household). I'm impressed how much Brady can do on his own.
P.S. Brady normally cooks with clothes on.

I have 2 more days at work before I'm a stay at home mama. It's so surreal to close this chapter of my life. I've been blessed with a great job with really great co-workers, vendors and customers. With that said, I really look forward to playing with and cuddling with my kiddos. I'm grateful for Taylor's talent and work ethic in his career, which enables me to stay at home. He's a great father and husband, and we're lucky to have him : )

Next week, we're going to New Braunfels for our annual trip. Grammy Pammy's coming this year, which we're really excited about. More pictures to come!

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Allison said...

Thanks for having us over - it was so much fun!!! So happy for you that you can stay home with the kids..have a great last two days at work and a fun time in NB!